Virtual Reality
for schools, by schools

Easy, affordable classroom vr

De wetgevende macht in Nederland
De wetgevende macht in Nederland
De wetgevende macht in Nederland

What is TeachVR?

TeachVR is the virtual reality platform for education.
Find, create, share and present your own vr lessons
with 360 degree content


  • VR lessons made by professionals
  • Create, share and present your own vr lessons
  • Experience vr with the whole class, simultaneously
  • Join the Teach VR community

Why TeachVR

Virtual reality is a unique tool which brings learning to live.
TeachVR makes it accessible and affordable for everyone
around the world.


  • Enrich education with virtual reality
  • Curriculum content in line with learning goals
  • Complete solution with content, mobile app and vr learning tools
virtual reality at school

For who is TeachVR?

For schools, by schools. The content is made and shared by education professionals. Lessons are aligned with learning goals and the curriculum.

The content is specifically tailored for primary, secondary education and vocational education. The option to create your own lessons makes TeachVR suitable for every (educational) institution


Become a member automatically makes you part of the
TeachVR community. You can share experiences and
knowledge and meet during workshops and meet-ups.


Do you want to familiarize yourself with the opportunities
of virtual reality for education? Book and inspirational
workshop for management, teacher and student.

Can I Use TeachVR
in my country?

TeachVR is tailored to the Dutch market. We are
looking for opportunities abroad so please
get in touch At the moment TeachVR and bring
vr education to your school!


What are the costs?

At the moment the platform is tailored to the Dutch
educational system and written in Dutch. We are working on
translations and determining prices for different countries and schools.

Please fill in your contact details below and we will get in touch.




TeachVR Teachers Community

Coming Soon


How does TeachVR work?

TeachVR offers everything to get started with virtual reality in the classroom.
Within the hour you’ve successfully finished your first vr lesson.


Find 360 degree content by years, course or educational goal


Create a vr lesson with your own 360 pictures or make use of the database containing thousand of pictures


Share your vr lessons with your school or the whole TeachVR community


Present your lesson to your whole class, easy and simultaneously

About TeachVR and the company behind it

TeachVR is developed by a Dutch VR company called VR Owl in
partnership with different educational partners.
TeachVR is one of our many VR projects, please find our
brandbook here or get in touch for more information

Get in Touch

We are excited to roll out TeachVR to other countries and are always looking for passionate partners.
Please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.